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Cone 6 screen printed stoneware by Terri Gray


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Bachelor of Arts in Art Education
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Pottery teacher, Potter

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Cone 6 screen printed stoneware by Terri Gray
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I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from Florida Atlantic University,
Boca Raton, FL in 1984. I was able to put myself through college working as a graphic artist,
and continued in the field after graduating. During this time I also enjoyed working on and
learning new ceramic techniques.
I was anxious to put into practice my teaching skills,
so I accepted an art teaching position in the public schools. I couldn't wait to introduce
clay and let my students get their hands dirty! After ten years in the public school system
I decided to completely dedicate myself to ceramics. In 1997 I set up a small studio in Austin,
Texas and later in 2001 in Hampshire, England. I returned to Austin in 2004 and set up a studio
at "Clayways Pottery Studio and Gallery" and began teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced
wheel throwing and hand building classes.
I believe that my ceramic work reflects back to my
time as a graphic artist. Currently, My work features images and textures derived from nature.
I create silk screens of these images and print them on wheel thrown and altered porcelain/stoneware
pieces. The work is then fired to a cone 6 mid-range stoneware temperature in an electric
kiln. Since building our green straw-bale home and pottery studio in 2011, I strive
to become more green and earth friendly in my pottery firing. I have developed glaze and surface
technique to fire my kiln solely to mid-range temperatures to conserve energy, also the natural imagery in my work
reflects an expression to be mindful of our impact on our surroundings.
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