TCAA Featured Artist: Ariel Bowman
May - June, 2014

An Interview with Ariel Bowman | Ariel's Profile Page

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15 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Feb 2014
  • Jumbo (detail)
  • Jumbo
  • Gunter: The Miraculous Megatherium
  • The Balloon Horse Jupiter
  • Cage Wagon I (detail)
  • Big Bingo:
  • The Grand Finale
  • A Pyramid of Pachyderms (detail)
  • A Pyramid of Pachyderms
  • Big Bingo:
  • The King of Cats
  • Kala Nag
  • Cage Wagon I
  • A Mighty Mountain of Mammoths
  • Bozo the Dodo

Texas Clay Arts Association 2014

Images in header (from left): Annie Foster, Karmien Bowman, Mimi Bardagjy

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