TCAA Featured Artist: Jeremiah Ibarra
September - October, 2014

An Interview with Jeremiah Ibarra | Jeremiah's Profile Page

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Image List: 1. Cops and Robbers  2-3. Alfredo's China Cabinet   4-5. Mahoney | Mahoney 
6. Rosemary's China Cabinet  7. Swamp Cooler Stories #2 
8-9. Down Snap Toast   10-11. Tubes Through Tubes   12-13. Gas Line People 
14-15. Toast Toast Toast   16-17. Yellow Toast  18-19. Wading Toaster #3

19 photo(s) Updated on: 06 Sep 2014

Texas Clay Arts Association 2014

Images in header (from left): Annie Foster, Karmien Bowman, Mimi Bardagjy

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